GET SERIOUS!!! Our country is being flushed down the toilet

Jack I could care less about foreign policy right now. GET SERIOUS!!! Our country is being flushed down the toilet. A time bomb is ticking and not a single person in this country knows how to stop it (or maybe they don want to stop it). Whatever became of these matters, I cannot say, since I left SARS in February 2015 when the disputes were still ongoing. In law I am in any event not allowed to elaborate on such matters. One thing I can say is that Edward Zuma was wrong to say SARS had acted in an ‘underhanded’ way, and this was never proved in any event.

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canada goose outlet store uk White collar corruption is killing America! You want the economy to move; then Banks need to be foreclosing on mortgages as fast as they wrote them in the first place! Whether it is Government Officials, Government Unions, Government Agencies, Government Schools, Government Department of Corrections, Government Oversight, canada goose outlet Family Law; it all has stood by and collected a wage and pension without any accountability for statistics related to responsibility; while working with Corporate Welfare to rob the private citizen of his individual rights and responsibilities. All this adds up to the constipation of the free market. Why isn’t the government behind foreclosing on all the bad mortgages that it was so happy to have expedited? Why are the public schools complete failures? Why are any of these failing institutions being paid at all!. canada goose outlet store uk

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canada goose outlet sale 4. Mercury is named after a god from Roman mythology, who served as a super fast messenger for the other gods, and is often pictured wearing winged sandals. The Greek version of the god was called Hermes. I have very little faith. Obama’s answer to everything is to make a speech and print money to save the rear ends of dishonest, unethical, and morally incompetent financial executives, as if there were no consequences to that reckless solution. He has done little or nothing to solve the real problem which would be to get the middle class up off the ground so they can start to drive the economy again. canada goose outlet sale

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