So depending on who win, it will either be an elf (and probably

They probably be lumped up with vraska faction, since her opposition seems to be pretty much exclusively bitter elves.So depending on who win, it will either be an elf (and probably izoni, yeah), or a gorgon, kraul, or any other specie of golgari that didn pedge alligiance to the elf faction. Even if I not fan of the overrepresentation of the elves, I like playing Izoni, but I betting on [[Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest]] to rule the golgari after vraska death, as the first Kraul leader.Either that, or vraska won completely die, and will just die and come back as a lich. As far as i know, the act of planeswalking to a new place isn casting or doing any kind of thing that requires mana.

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