No one knows the full details, but everyone wants answers

Follow CNNAnderson Cooper is the anchor of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, a global newscast that goes beyond the headlines with in depth reporting and investigations. The show airs weeknights at 8:00pm ET on CNN and is simulcast to an international audience on CNN International.Since the start of his career in 1992, Cooper has worked in more than forty countries and has covered nearly all major news events around the world, often reporting from the scene.Cooper has also played a pivotal role in CNN’s political and election coverage. He has anchored from conventions and moderated several presidential primary debates and town halls.

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canada goose outlet store uk The massive protests in Hong Kong caught officials there by surprise and startled the mainland. Even after Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Beijing anointed chief executive, apologized and said she would shelve her widely reviled extradition bill, demonstrators promised to continue protesting until the bill is formally withdrawn and Lam resigns. It’s possible that Beijing’s leaders don’t really understand Hong Kong and that Hong Kong’s China friendly leaders don’t understand their own people canada goose outlet store uk.

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