Apart from causing discomfort

The idea, says Glennerster, was to assess the extent to which the teens believed that women should be allowed to work outside the home. But asking such a general and charged question directly is unlikely to yield much insight. By posing the question within a specific context that resembled situations that many of the students’ own relatives and friends have faced, the researchers could elicit answers that were more honest and nuanced..

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7a replica bags philippines Before we pick up the trail, it might help to spell out what a predator is. According to most biologists, predation must involve the death of one living thing at the hands (or teeth, or claws) of another, which has to gain some nutritional benefit from the kill. A lion is a predator because it kills and eats a gazelle, but the gazelle is not a predator, because it doesn’t have to kill the grasses it eats 7a replica bags philippines.

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