5% which Arvind Subramanian had come out with

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replica bags lv LUDDEN: Marian Wright Edelman was a key supporter. Today she heads the Children’s Defense Fund. In 1971 she was a civil rights and children’s lawyer. But the GDP number, 4.5% which Arvind Subramanian had come out with, made many out there sit up and notice. After all, there is a number somebody has put forward.So, to that extent, the paper by Arvind Subramanian has been useful to bring back the attention on the GDP numbers. But the decision makers at various levels in their own way may accept the view, but what they do with it is left to them.As far as I know, many of the private sector decision makers have practically stopped using these GDP numbers.When I talked to people in the Mumbai financial world, many of them say they don’t trust the GDP numbers put out by the government. replica bags lv

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